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July 22, 2020

30 Cool & Cheap Birthday Party Ideas For Kids of All Ages

You just can't have the same birthday theme and idea for all the birthdays for your kid. With age, the taste, likes, dislikes, behavior and attitude of a kid changes and as a parent, it's our responsibility to understand it and make their birthday special and memorable in a fun way.

30 Cool & Cheap Birthday Party Ideas For Kids of All Ages

These are some of the best, cool, affordable and creative birthday party ideas for kids of all age which you can try if you are in a dilemma or confused over how to plan the party quickly and with ease.

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers (1-3 yrs.)

1. Musical Party

Invite some kids in the neighborhood, play some nursery rhymes or songs that are their favorite, let them sing along and little bit of dance and you have a great birthday party for your toddler.

2. Special Cake

Cutting cake is the time when everyone's attention in the room is on the birthday kid. To make it special and memorable, make or order the cake in the shape of your toddler's favorite toy or an animal they like.

3. Story Telling

It might sound more like a bedtime thing but when the story gets narrated to the kids in a dramatic way, it can become memorable and one heck of a birthday party. All you have to do is, make everyone sit on the chairs, give all of the kids something to drink or eat and then begin the story telling.

You can play with the lights in the house, use a fan or hairdryer to give them chills. Just don’t tell them a horror story.

4. Bubble Party

Blowing bubbles is fun and you know what's more fun, chasing and trying to catch them. For kids, its like magic and brings smile to their face. Give each one of them a bubble blower and once they start blowing, believe me, they won't stop until you ask them and make them realize that the party is over.

5. Favorite Toy Party

Kids always one special toy that they like the most and are inseparable from. Ask all the kids who are invited to bring their favorite toy to the party. Trust me, not a single kid will be bored in the party. They will be busy throughout the party showing their toys to other kids, talk how cool their toy is, stories and more. In exchange for bringing their favorite toys to the party, you can put a box filled with stuffed toys and let them pick one before going back home.

6. Art Party

Kids love to draw and color. This kind of birthday party is super cheap and you can keep kids busy and happy for hours.

7. Cookie Party

30 Cool & Cheap Birthday Party Ideas For Kids of All Ages

Who doesn’t love cookies? To spice things up, make, bake or order cookies in shape of animals, clowns, popcorn, pizza, fries or anything. They will ask for more and more and other parents are likely to copy this theme after they hear about your birthday party.

8. Face Painting Party

If you are good at it, you can do it yourself, ask a neighbor a favor who does face painting or you can hire someone, its not that expensive. Dog, cat, mickey mouse, barbie or anything they like, paint them into a new character which will keep the party alive and on the top.

9. Balloon Artist Party

Shaping a balloon into a poodle or a toy will make the kids eye go wide open and make them more excited and energetic compared to when they came to your house.

10. Balloon Game Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers (1-3 yrs.)

Buy tons of balloons, fill gas, cover a floor of one room with balloons, get kids into the room and now its balloon bursting time. You can also fill it with candies which they can collect after popping the balloons.

Birthday Party Ideas for Preschoolers (3-5 yrs.)

You can always try ideas from the birthday party ideas for toddlers list for preschooler's birthday party.

11. Treasure Hunt Party

Treasure hunts are always fun, especially with kids. Hide some treats or a toy that they have to find using the clues you give them. Make sure the hints aren’t complex to crack as they are kids and use age appropriate words in the hints. You can ask them if they want to go alone or in pairs.

12. Circus Party

Transform your house into a circus. Use you front door to give them tickets to get to the party, popcorn booths, gaming booths and some clowns in the house. Bring some circus themed food to the table and let the kids have the best time of their lives.

13. Lego Birthday Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Preschoolers (3-5 yrs.)

Lego's are crazy popular among kids. Give it to them and they know what to build using all the pieces. Kid who can build the tallest tower using Legos in like 10 mins wins something special. Build towers using the Legos and the kids who can cause the tower to fall into pieces by throwing a ball at it wins a treat.

14. Bounce House Party

Kids love bouncing up and down for hours in the soft, comfy bouncy house. Put one in the backyard and once kids' eyes goes to it, they will run to it. You can make it better by giving them big heavy boots to wear and they ask them to bounce, it will be hilarious for both parents and the kids.

15. Camping Party

Adventure is something that should never go missing from one's life. Give them an adventurous birthday party experience by setting tents in an open space close to the house, make bonfire, catch some fish if a pond or lake is nearby, collecting unique and interesting stones, exploring the nature and more.

Birthday Party Ideas for Grade-schoolers (5-12 yrs.)

16. Charades Party

Divide the kids in the birthday party into two group, where one will enact the word given to them and the other team will have to guess the word correctly. To keep things simple, make list of words related to only one particular topic like movies, superheroes, soccer, video games or something similar.

17. Disco Party

Turn your house into a disco floor. Make a playlist of popular songs to which the kids can dance their boots off. Get some crazy lighting to make things look more realistic.

18. Sleepover Party

You can host a sleepover party for the kids invited to the birthday party where they can spend the night at your house. They will have no fixed bedtime and can stay up all-night long-playing games, talking or watching movies.

19. Sports Themed Party

Kids invited to the party has to wear sporting gear of the sport they like. They can also bring the jersey of the team they support. They can be divided into teams and can play backyard volley, soccer, racing or games that they can play indoor and outdoors but have never heard of before.

20. Movie Night Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Grade-schoolers (5-12 yrs.)

Do a quick survey and find out what is favorite movie of the kids they been trying to watch but haven’t got that chance yet. Organize a movie night party at your house with popcorn, cold drinks and their favorite movie.

21. Fishing the Mystery Box from The Pool

Put small metal boxes like a locker with treats inside in your pool and give all the kids one chance one by one to grab that metal box using a fishing rod with a strong magnet at the end. This can be really fun for the kids and they probably haven’t played this game ever before.

22. Magic Party

Hire a magician for a day or better someone you know who knows magic. Kids don’t want to know the science behind a magic, all they want is enjoy the magic show and get mesmerized. Throughout the party they will be like "what just happened", "wow", "no way", "that's not possible".

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens (13-19 yrs.)

23. Take a Trip

Pick up all the kids and go to a sports game, beach, show or fishing. It's up to you to figure out where to take them so they won't be bored. You can rent a van so everyone can feel comfortable and fit easily.

24. Night Games and Bonfire

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens (13-19 yrs.)

Start the birthday with a barbecue, start building up the atmosphere and when the sun goes down play some mature games. Siting in a circle round the bonfire and narrating some crazy ghost stories in the dark can double the fun.

25. Pool Party

If your kid's birthday is during the summer time, this can be theme you can go with. This will help all the kids relax and get stress free. Add trampoline on the side to show some flips and crazy landing in the pool.

26. Movie Night Out

Grab your all the kids, go to a nice theater, watch a movie which the kids want to see and not you, buy popcorn and cold drinks and end the party with some ice-cream and pizza.

28. Hotel Sleepover

Teenager have already spent most of the time in house, with parents and siblings. Also, the birthdays in the past are mostly in-house. Maybe they have already seen all above-mentioned ideas and its time to do something completely different and take them to a nice and fine hotel for a sleepover along with their friends. They can be a prince or a princess for a day at the hotel where they can order anything want, no homework, no chores, complete freedom.

29. Spa Party

This is specific for girls where they can invite their friends for a in-house spa or maybe parents can make an appointment at parlor for all the girls. If you have a daughter, you probably have noticed how they sometimes steal your makeup just to try and see how they look even if you have warned them that it's not for kids. This time, for a day give them the freedom and let them try manicure, pedicure and all sorts of stuff.

30. Surprise Party

This is by far my favorite birthday party idea. All the other birthday party ideas for kids are for the times when you are completely blank and haven’t prepared and the birthday is tomorrow, but this is one is something special and requires you to do some observations. Do something that your kid always wanted but never got in all those years maybe because you have a financial problem, relationship issues or maybe not enough free time to dedicate and plan for your kids birthday.

These are just some birthday party ideas for kids that may or may not fit for some families. To throw a successful birthday, it's you who needs to work on these ideas to make it perfect and special. We can never go back in our past but we can always remember it in our memories and as parents, it's our responsibility to make these birthday memories of our kids beautiful.

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