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July 26, 2020

25 Sites That Pays Parents $200+ to Write About Parenting

Are you a Parent and have got tons of parenting stories and tips that you can share with the world?

Well, I have done all the research for you and compiled this list of 25 sites that pays as high as $1000 by writing one article related to parenting.

Research have shown, more than 80% of moms turns to blogs for parenting advice and tips. So, if you are parent with lots of parenting experience and stories, there are so many websites out there which you can write for and make money from home and giving your life a balance.

These websites can be a great way for you to make money online and make money from home. All you need is original stories and advice for new parents searching their queries over the internet.

25 Sites That Pays Parents $200+ to Write About Parenting

Why write for other websites?

The best answer would be you can make tons of money by writing for other people's blog. All the blogs on this list are well established and have a large audience which requires the blogs to provide them with quality content constantly. This is why big blogs hire writers to write unique and attractive articles for them. This is a win-win for both the blogs and the parents. Best way to make money online by utilizing your free time and share your crazy parenting stories.

1. AFine Parent

About: Helps new moms raise their kids.

Expected Earning: $100
Article Length: 1500 to 3000 words.
Article Content: Parenting Tips.

2. Scary Mommy

About: Scary mommy adds a unique twist to parenting. It was started in 2008 and is a huge vibrant community of millions of parents.

Expected Earning: $100
Article Length: 900+ words.
Article Content: Parenting advice and tips in a humorous way,

3. Babble

About: It is a child company of Disney.

Expected Earning: $150
Article Length: 1200 words.
Article Content: Anything related to parenting is accepted.

4. Youth Today

About: It is a national, independent and digital media publication focusing on professional news covering a wide range of complex issues.

Expected Earning: $150-$2000
Article Length: 600 to 3000 words.
Article Content: Best practices, Issues, Follow the money, Funding, Sidebars, A sense of peace, Management, Survey pieces and Professional development.

5. Atlanta Parent

About: It is a digital magazine for parents in Atlanta area. This award-winning local magazine focuses on down-to-earth and reader-friendly content.

Expected Earning: $25-$100
Article Length: 400 to 1200 words.
Article Content: Family, Playgrounds, Overnight Camps, Parties, Family Activities, Education, Food, Day Camps, Family Attractions and Classes.

6. The Green Parent

About: All kinds of parenting advice.

Expected Earning: £75
Article Length: 600 to 2000 words.
Article Content: Breastfeeding, Green Travel, Sustainable Fashion, Natural Beauty and Health, family life and simple living, pregnancy and conscious birth, gardening and more.

7. Zift

About: It is an app that helps parents to control what their kids can access on their mobile phone and tablets.

Expected Earning: $100
Article Length: 1500 to 2000 words.
Article Content: Technology from parents’ point of view.

8. BabyFit

About: Focused on educating moms with child health care.

Expected Earning: $25-$90.
Article Length: 500 to 1200 words.
Article Content: Fitness during pregnancy, Postpartum and Pregnancy-specific nutrition.

9. Lies About Parenting

About: This online platform is on a mission to connect deliver bright ideas to badass moms and empower them to develop a life that works for them.

Expected Earning: $25 to $90
Article Length: 400-700 words
Article Content: Christmas, Gifts for children, Vocabulary in the early years, Bullying, Drugs and Family travel.

10. AdoptiveFamilies

About: An award-winning magazine focusing on expecting parents, raising children and adoption process.

Expected Earning: $70
Article Length: 700 to 1200 words
Article Content: Adoption, Racism, Parenting, Bonding, Health, Modern Family and Family Dynamics.

11. PTO Today

About: It was started in 1999 and is the number one resource for school parent groups.

Expected Earning: $150-$700
Article Length: 600 to 2200 words.
Article Content: Leadership, Parental Participation in Schools, fundraising, Education, Group Management and Organization and Playground Projects.

12. Freelance Mom

About: They focuses on helping moms and women continuously with close information gaps and providing access to other women in running a successful business.

Expected Earning: $75-$100 + ($150 bonus when your article becomes the most viewed article of the year).
Article Length: 900 to 1500 words.
Article Content: Marketing, Money, Personal Development, Work at Home, Business.

13. Motherly

About: It was started with the vision of sending mom-to-mom inspirations and expert ideas to women exactly when it’s needed.

Expected Earning: $50
Article Length: 800-2000 words
Article Content: Love, Beauty, Home, Food, Pregnancy, Different Age Stages, Work.

14. Motherwell

About: It is one of the best online publications that tells all sides of parenting, culture, family life, obstacles and steps to overcome them.

Expected Earning: Starts at $50 and rises as you gain experience.
Article Length: 1000-2000 words
Article Content: Compelling stories on parenthood, Kids, Teens, Fertility, Special Needs, Mental Health, Well-Being, New Motherhood.

15. TheSun Magazine

About: This is ad-free and independent magazine and is Americas best Essay and Short Stories anthologies. 

Expected Earning: $300-$2500
Article Length: 3000-6000 words
Article Content: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction (Essay)

16. Creative Nonfiction Magazine

About: It is a magazine published on a monthly basis and has been around for over 20 years.

Expected Earning: $50 + chance to make $1,000-$10,000 by winning an essay contest held by the team.
Article Length: 1000-1500 words
Article Content: Parenting, Starting Over, Exploring Boundaries.

17. Momyish

About: It is a resource for women of all ages who are looking balance in their life. Their article are full of humor and satire.

Expected Earning: $50
Article Length: 600-1500 words
Article Content: Personal Stories, Vacation Ideas, Marriage, Children’s Safety, Having a Baby, Sex, Mother Health, Parenting Advice, Christmas, Abortion and Working Mom.

18. Metro Parent

About: It is an online parenting publication and community offering stories on parenting issues and trends, advice, and different ways to ensure parents have better experience raising their children.

Expected Earning: $35 to $350 depending on length and style of the article.
Article Length: 1200 to 2500 words
Article Content: Family Fun, Parenting, Pregnancy, Baby Food and Education, Holiday Planning, Pets, Money and Sports.

19. WorkingMother

About: A magazine focusing on family, lifestyle and working mom’s life and work.

Expected Earning: $75
Article Length: 900-2000 words
Article Content: Relationship, Routine for Kids, Motherhood, Single Mom and New Moms.

20.  Baby Corner

About: Providing advice, support and information to new and expectant parents since 1998.

Expected Earning: Not Mentioned.
Article Length: 700-900 words
Article Content: Relationships, Infertility, Medical and Lifestyle.

21. Just Parents

About: A community of parents swapping parenting advice since 2007.

Expected Earning: $50
Article Length: 700-1500 words
Article Content: Pregnancy, Baby Shower, Raising Children, Teen Pregnancy.

22. Parents and Kids

About: Best resource for busy families, providing sound advice, real-life solutions, practical information and creative ideas to make their life easier.

Expected Earning: $25
Article Length: 800-1500 words
Article Content: Parenting, Education, Family, Health.

23. SimplyFamily

About: Focuses on People in Montana, Billings and the surrounding areas.

Expected Earning: Not Mentioned
Article Length: 800-2000 words
Article Content: Child Birth, New Mothers and different parenting stages from childhood to adulthood of a kid.

24. Spark People

About: They are leading publisher of fitness, food and health helping people to live a healthier life with over 16 million registered users.

Expected Earning: $150-$200
Article Length: 1000-4000 words
Article Content: Pregnancy, Healthy Family, Postpartum, Weight Loss and Parent Fitness

25. ADDitude

About: It is a magazine trusted by millions since 1998. It delivers caring support and expert advice to parents who suffers from attention-deficit disorder (ADHD) and also for professionals working in the field.

Expected Earning: $50-$100
Article Length: 1000-3000 words
Article Content: Personal stories related to parenting kids with ADHD.

So, these are 25 websites and magazines that you can write for if you are a parent that can help you make money online. The more experience you have had in your parenting days, the more stories you will have to share on these websites.

25 Sites That Pays Parents $200+ to Write About Parenting

Some websites accept submissions all around the year, while some accepts the submissions only occasionally. You can literally make this your full-time job, if you like writing on topics related to parents.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, I tried to keep the content short so you can find a perfect website to write for. So, start today to make money online from the comfort of your home on your couch. Let me know in the comments, how many of you are parents and how balanced is your work and parenting life.