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July 16, 2020

10 Tips for Women - How to Get Pregnant Faster

Falling pregnant can be as simple as just having sex. But for many couples it's not that simple however. Did you know that one in six couples has trouble conceiving?

When we talk about problems with infertility, we actually use two broad groups. We talk about the infertile group and the sub-fertile group. Infertile is like impossible meaning it could be because there's no sperm, there is no cervix, there is no uterus, there are no patent or open Fallopian tubes, there are no ovaries, there are no eggs coming from the ovaries.

10 Tips for Women - How to Get Pregnant Faster

When we talk about sub-fertile, we're meaning that perhaps there is some sperm, but there's less of it or it's not swimming properly, perhaps the sperm can't get through the cervix, perhaps there's a polyp inside the uterus, perhaps there's a problem with one of the fallopian tubes, there could be an adhesion or some scarring or perhaps the woman is ovulating, but she's not doing irregularly.

That's kind of the difference between sub-fertile and infertile group. One is really quite impossible and the other one is more say probable. So, what this means is that if you take 100 couples 85 of them will be pregnant after one year, but then about 15 of them won't and perhaps they will need extra help. They may be infertile or sub-fertile.

There are plenty of old wives' tales and misconceptions about conception. Some of the most common ones are:
  • If a woman rests on her back for some time period after intercourse will increase the odds of getting pregnant.
  • Sex position can alter the chances of a couple making a baby.
There is no evidence that any of these two methods helps to get pregnant faster.

Broadly speaking, in practice there are three different ways that a couple may conceive- naturally, spontaneously through natural sexual intercourse, or with the assistance of a doctor. So, if you are one of those who are still having trouble getting pregnant and want to know how get pregnant faster or how I get pregnant fast, then follow the tips listed below.

1. Record Your Menstrual Cycle Frequently

Any woman who is trying to get pregnant should be aware of her periods, whether they are regular or irregular ones. Constant monitoring and observation are needed as the start and end of each period should be marked on a calendar.

When the first days of a woman's period tend to come the same number of days apart every month, it is considered regular period. But, if the cycle length varies every month, it is considered as irregular periods.

Tracking this information, woman can easily predict when they might be ovulating. Lifespan of woman's egg is only 12 to 24 hours after its release. However, man's sperm can survive up to 5 days in a woman's body.

2. Monitor Ovulation

Women who have regular cycles ovulate around two weeks prior the arrival of their periods. Things get complicated for women with irregular cycles, as it becomes harder to make the accurate prediction, but it generally occurs 12 to 16 days prior the start of the next period. 

There are several approaches that can be helpful for woman in determining their most fertile days each month. Home ovulation test kits are available that can be used to determine when a woman might me ovulating. If the kit shows positive sign, it is recommended for the couple to have sex three days right after the result to increase the probability of getting pregnant.

The next method is natural, free of cost and can be done at home. You can check the appearance and amount of cervical mucus in your vagina regularly. During the most fertile days which is just before ovulation, the cervical mucus amount increases and it becomes more slippery, thinner and clearer. Slippery mucus helps the sperm reach the eggs easily. Recent studies show that, the chances of getting pregnant increases by 2.3 folds for woman checking their cervical mucus over a six-month period compared to woman not tracking it.

3. Have Sex Every Single Day During the Fertile Window

The fertile window lasts for the length of 6 days which includes the day of ovulation and 5 days prior to it. These are the days that comes every month when a woman is the most fertile.

There are apps and websites available in the market which attracts woman who are trying to find out their fertility window. These apps require you to feed in some information about your period and cycle and then it makes a prediction of the fertility window. However, based on a research done back in 2016, most of these apps and websites give inaccurate results.

You can also choose to have sexy every other day throughout the month and not having to predict when is your fertile period.
Chances of getting pregnant for couple having sex during the fertile window: 37%
Chances of getting pregnant for couple having sex every other day: 33%

4. Balanced Body Weight

Most woman don’t realize that body weight can also affect the chances of getting pregnant. Being overweight for your height can decrease the odds of conceiving and becomes more challenging to have a baby when you are underweight.

Woman who are above the normal weight bar can take twice as long as what a woman with normal Body Mass Index (BMI) take to become pregnant. It gets worst for underweight woman as they may take up to four times the time that a woman with normal BMI might need to conceive.

Excess estrogen is produced when you have too much body fat and excess anything is never good. This excess estrogen interferes with the ovulation. So, try to gain weight if you are underweight and lose weight if you are overweight in order to increase you chances of getting pregnant faster.

Based on research done in 2017,
  • If both partners are obese: It takes 55 to 59% longer time to get pregnant compared to couples with normal weight.
  • For underweight woman: They face irregular periods and may even stop ovulating.

5. Take Parental Vitamin

Parental vitamins are supplement rich in minerals and vitamins woman take before and during pregnancy. Even before getting pregnant, woman trying to conceive should take parental vitamins. Doing this gives enough time to your system to figure out which parental vitamin suits your system the best.

You can also have regular doses of multivitamins containing folic acid. Folic acid is one of the essential vitamins that prevents defect in baby's spine and brain. It is recommended by the doctors to take about 400 micro grams of folic acid regularly for a month even before getting pregnant to help and prevent defects in baby that might occur.

6. Eat Healthy Nutritious Food

Even though there aren’t any specific and targeted balanced diet programs that promote increase in fertility, but eating healthy food filled with nutrients can help prepare to a pregnant woman during pregnancy and at the time of birth. Food rich in calcium, iron and protein are the most needed ones. Fruits, green vegetables, grains, dairy products should always be on the table.

10 Tips for Women - How to Get Pregnant Faster

As we have already mentioned, parental vitamins rich in folic acid helps prepare for the journey. But you can also obtain this essential vitamin from foods like broccoli, breads and cereals, green leafy vegetables, orange juice and citrus fruit.

You can also eat fish but try and avoid ones with high mercury level. Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish should be blacklisted.

Another popular drink most people can't spend their day without is caffeine. Reduced fertility in woman and caffeine intake are directly linked.
  • Recommended amount to prevent declining fertility: Less than 500 mg.
  • Recommend amount before becoming pregnant: 1 to 2 cups/250 mg caffeine.

7. Avoid Intensive Workout

To be physically and mentally sound, healthy diet along with exercise is needed. It is essential for both men and women to do some sort of workout everyday to clean themselves from inside out. Regular exercise can help woman prepare for her pregnancy and labor days.

Doctors all around the world have encountered cases where woman have faced menstrual disturbance due to excessive intense workout. Start cutting on heavy workout if your are trying to get pregnant fast.

8. Be Aware of How Age Affects Fertility

As you get older, fertility keeps on declining. It is more significant in women then in men. With age, both quality and quantity of eggs released decline. Body becomes prone to infections, diseases and changes in body becomes more visible as we age.

The best fertility window for woman is considered to be in their 20s. Fertility starts declining gradually for woman in their 30s and steep decline is seen when reach age of 37. So, the earlier you start the chances are higher to get pregnant faster naturally and with less effort.

9. Quit Drinking and Smoking Habits

Drinking and smoking causes fertility issues in both men and women. In cigarettes, we have carbon monoxide and nicotine which speeds up the egg loss process in woman. Smoking disturbs the natural order of egg release and depletes the eggs count. It's not just cigarettes women should avoid, also stay away from secondhand smoke, marijuana and other recreational drugs should be miles away.

10 Tips for Women - How to Get Pregnant Faster

It is important to quit both drinking and smoking month before trying to get pregnant. If you are hoping in to conceive, make sure to avoid these toxic substances.

A study in 2017 has indicated that more than half of American women were still drinking alcohol when they got pregnant or before they knew they were pregnant. Once one gets pregnant there is no amount that is safe to safe or smoke at all.

10. Know When to Seek Support

One shouldn’t hesitate to take medical help when things aren’t going the way after trying for months. Woman should seek medical help and take an appointment for fertility test if they are over 35 and trying unprotected sex for more than six months regularly.

Men should take fertility test if the couple have been trying for more than a year on a daily basis and the female partner is less than 35 years old.

Becoming a mother, father and parent is probably the most beautiful thing one can experience in their lifetime and can become a journey filled with disappointment and depression if getting pregnant becomes complicated and time consuming. Its not just women who need to work on their side, it should be from both sides. Follow these tips and apply these wisely that will ultimately help you get pregnant fast. Hope this article gave answers to all your questions like how get pregnant fast, how I get pregnant fast and how to get pregnant faster.