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June 24, 2020

Top 5 Positive Parenting Tips – Key To Happiness

Parents, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly teach positive and negative things to their kids that turns into habits which eventually turns into lifestyle for the kids. It is important to implement positive parenting tips so that you kids can be happy and become successful in future.

Some of you might have already adopted these 5 positive parenting tips and even if you haven’t its never too late to try these positive parenting tips and make your child a better person. These positive parenting tips are recommended that you should apply from today and in fact now onwards to start noticing positive changes and developments in your child. 

1. Giving Others

Start to develop giving habits or you can say sharing habits in kids. If we all parents recall our childhood, we can remember our parents teaching us to share candies or food with our siblings, grandparents, relatives or someone who is around.

In life, we can only have two behaviors, one is giving and another one is taking. Someone who is on the taking side will never be satisfied. On the other end, if someone is on the giving side, he/she will realize the true meaning of happiness.

Teaching such life lessons to kids is important from the beginning so that they can have a positive approach towards life and understand how giving someone so little can bring happiness to many lives.

2. Reading

If you do analysis of some of the most successful people in the world like Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates one thing that you will find in common is all of these people have developed reading habit from their early age and they still continue reading books. If you want your kid to be successful in future you need to find a way to get them interested in reading.

Top 5 Positive Parenting Tips – Key To Happiness

Kids nowadays spend most of their time playing video games, watching TV, texting, watching YouTube. Everything that they learn from such platforms are information and not knowledge. Through reading kids can gain knowledge, develop critical thinking, apply the knowledge in real life.

3. Exercise

The world is not the same as it was yesterday. Every day the competition gets tougher and tougher in each and every field one can possibly think of. Your kids physical and mental health is crucial if you want your kid to be successful. 

Top 5 Positive Parenting Tips – Key To Happiness

Doesn’t mean that you need to take them to gym, you can get them interested in sports, dancing or any other physical activities that will charge and energize them. 

When I was a kid, I got my first phone when I was 15. Life before that was playing soccer with friends, challenging each other on who is the fast kid in our neighborhood but once I got my phone, I wasn’t leaving my room for hours and hours. You won't realize how these things affect you physically and mentally over time. My posture became worst with a hunched back, I gained a lot of fat which I am still struggling with. 

So, keep your kids engaged in some kind of sport or any physical activity. If they can't find a friend join them and be a good friend and parent. Exercise will surely make you child physically and mentally fit and help them become happy and successful in life. Surely a great positive parenting tips for toddlers and adolescents.

4. Appreciation

Parents keep spoiling their kids again and again either emotionally or by buying them toys, games and stuff. Kids don’t really value such things as they don’t have to put an effort. Doesn’t matter how much and whatever you get them, such kids are never satisfied and an unsatisfied kid mean unhappy child.

As a parent, you should show your kids how to appreciate small things in life. During dinner, you can open a conversation with what good things happened to you at work or maybe in your past and appreciate those things and ask your kids to speak about their day.

We always forget to appreciate good things in life but expect our kids to do so. Parents sometimes have hard time at work and when they get back home frustrated, they start fighting with each other in front of kids and they adopt it in their life.

Life is not perfect at all and can sometimes be tough on us and someone we love. But this doesn’t mean everything is going horribly wrong and will never be fixed and we just sit back. We need to fight back and turn that horror into a happy ending and teaching such positive parenting tips is important. Appreciate what we have have today and don’t hope that tomorrow is going to be better. You have to work to make it better.

5. Try Something New

Have you ever observed your kids for like few days and even a month and find that he/she has been doing the same things everyday and not trying out something new than your kid is more like a robot and lacks that mentality to be successful. 

As a parent we are somewhat responsible for such a behavior in our child as we always keep pushing to a life when they have to follow a routine. If your kid has been playing soccer for couple of years and is really good at it but he/she suddenly changes mind and switch to maybe a different sport or maybe science or math than you should be supportive rather than forcing them to do something they are not interested in anymore by imagining that they will do better and have a successful future in soccer than anything else. 

Keep noticing if your kids try out something new and speak with them, what made them do so and how you will be fully supportive if your kid needs any help. Such kids have higher probability of being successful in future.

Before Facebook - social media wasn’t the trend, before Tesla – Electric Cars were not trending. Just imagine if their parents forced them to play sports or something else, it would be a totally different story.  So, if your kids keep switching sports, food, classes or their career don’t panic or freak out, they surely and certainly are in a path to become successful and its your responsibility to keep them in that right track and from getting distracted.

So, these are my top 5 positive parenting tips that you can apply on both toddlers and adolescents to make them successful and happy in life. Make sure to apply these tips maybe one at a time or maybe you are already. If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure to appreciate it down in the comments. Happy Parenting.