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February 6, 2020

18 Ways to get Free Baby Stuff in 2020

So, you are wondering how you can get hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of baby stuff absolutely free. There are many websites and ways that you can try while you are pregnant or after pregnancy to get free baby stuff for you and your little one.

18 Ways to get Free Baby Stuff in 2020

Free Stuff for Moms

1. Free Breast pump

How to get a free electric breast pump?
You can do this from home completely for free and there are two websites that you can check to get your first free electric breast pump. YummyMummy and Aeroflow are the websites to get your free breast pump.
Each of these websites work with different insurance carriers and basically all you have to do is input which insurance carrier you have and it'll pull up a list of different breast pumps that are available for you.  You'll pick the breast pump that you want input your insurance information. You can get your free breast pump within a week through any of these two websites.
Now, if you don't have health insurance then don't fret you too can get a free breast pump through your local health department.

2. Free Breast Pads

If you do plan on nursing you might find yourself going through a lot of breast pads especially in the early days. So, one way that you can cut down on waste and cost is to use reusable breast pads.
You can go to Medela to get free breast pads.

3. Kiinde

Another free breast-feeding related item that you can get is Kiinde breast feeding starter kit. Basically, this is a kit that hooks onto your breast pump and allows you to direct pump into a storage bag and then that storage bag turns into a bottle. So, the idea is to eliminate waste of breast milk and transferring it from bottle to bag and then back to a bottle again.
This kit is valued at over $40 and you can get it for free on their website Kiinde and you just pay for the shipping. I think it's like five or six bucks for the shipping to your house.

4. The Mama Strut System

The next free baby stuff on the list is an incredible device that you can use your recovery postpartum. Mamas stress postpartum recovery device is a compression garment that you can put on just like a pair of shorts and it has a place that you can put your pads or whatever you're using when you’re recovering postpartum. 
It also comes with ice packs that you can use that can be heated or cooled that are amazing for recovery and this is designed for women that have vaginal birth or c-section. The compression supports your low back, your pelvic floor.
This sells for close to $200 online but if you go to the Mama Strut you can get it for free. They have also recently just started working with a lot of insurance carriers nationwide. Again, input your insurance information and get this sent to you absolutely free. So, a great free baby stuff.

Welcome Boxes

4. Amazon Welcome Box

It's possibly everyone's favorite list of free baby stuff and items and those are welcome boxes. They are basically boxes that you can get in the mail from various stores that are full of free baby samples and free baby items.
The mecca of welcome boxes is the Amazon welcome box. To get the Amazon Welcome box you need to build a registry with Amazon and you must be a prime member. If you're not a Prime member you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Prime and then just cancel it at the end of the 30 days if you don’t like it.  Once you become a prime number and you build your baby registry on Amazon.  Once someone makes a $10 purchase off that registry whether it's you buying something that you already need anyway like diapers or prenatal vitamins or it’s someone buying a gift for you for a baby shower.  Once that purchase is made, you’ll qualify for the box ships to you completely free and it has close to $40 worth of free baby stuff in it.
If you are interested in becoming a Prime member make sure that you join Amazon family because you will get a lot of awesome coupons and discounts on baby and kid items. A great way to get free baby stuff.

5. Walmart Free Baby Box

The next free baby stuff is the Walmart free baby box. Now, the only way that I have found to get this for free is through the link I have given.  You can go to Walmart's website through the link, they will try to charge you for shipping.
They run out of stock on these often and whenever they do the link will become inactive so whenever you click it, it will say something like they're not eligible for this offer and that’s because they're out of stock. So, just check back frequently and whenever it's up, within eight weeks you will get it.
Basically, it just has a bunch of random samples for various baby products and then there are quite a few coupons in the bottom. So, a great deal to get some free baby stuff.

6. Noobie Box

So, the next box and free baby stuff is the Noobie box. The first thing that you need to do at noobie box is order their free pregnancy box. Now, this does have a small shipping of around $6 to get it in the mail but it does come with quite a few awesome things.

18 Ways to get Free Baby Stuff in 2020

You'll get a newbie guide that has coupons and great info for expecting parents. You'll also get oversized sample of diapers, you get a bottle, Purell surface cleaner as well as a bunch of other samples. But, when you order from  noobie box, they will also send you a  personalized link to your email and you  can share that on your Facebook on your  YouTube anything and if 5 people click on your  link to order the free box you will get  your first reward which is super  cute makeup bag and it comes with three  beauty products an eye cream, a  soothing balm and hydration serum. So, great deal to get free baby stuff and free makeup for yourself.

When 10 people clicks on your link, you get another free box called Noobie Nest Box. It comes with an outfit you get to pick it if you’re having a boy or a girl and you’ll get full Carter’s outfit set for the baby, some toys, high quality stuff toys.

7. Babylist Welcome Box

The next free box and free baby stuff that you can get is from a website called Babylist. This website allows you to create a baby registry using a ton of different websites and put them all together in one place. If you build your baby registry with them, you will qualify for their free baby box full of samples and information.
They do currently charge shipping which is around $5. They try to offset that by giving you some great coupons to use on their website so it will counteract the cost of the box. Inside the box you would get a bottle, pampers reusable bag with some high value coupons, wipes, breastfeeding stuff.

Welcome Bags

8. Target Registry Bags

The next free baby stuff is welcome bags. The first one is Target Bags. All you need to do to get this is build a baby registry with target. You can do this in store or you can do it online and then you just go to customer service and ask for their free baby welcome bag.
They also rotate the inventory of what's in this bag but you can expect to get a reusable bag, diapers samples, bottle, sometimes they even have two bottles.

9. Buy Buy Baby Bags

It's a lot quicker to get free baby stuff if you build your registry online. Build your registry online and then go run in the store to pick it up.
In this bag, you get a bottle, honest sample packs, water wipes which are actually pretty pricey so that's good.

Free Books

10. Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Wondering how to get some free books for your baby?
We all know we're supposed to be reading to our kids from a very young age but maybe we don't know what to read or we're not up with the latest kids’ books. There are ways that you can follow to get free baby stuff and books for your little one.
You can get free books in the mail through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. You can go to their website and enter your information and if there's a program currently running in your area they will send you books for free.

11. Little Free Library

Another way that you can get free kid’s books and free baby stuff is by visiting your local little free library. They are little boxes that are out by the road that where you can take a book if you want a book or you can leave a book if you have extra books around.
There's actually a nationwide map of all the registered little free libraries. You can find one or more little free libraries in your neighborhood.

12. Audible

There are special link through audible that  not only gives you a free trial but it  also gives you two free audio books to  download and if you cancel your trial at  the end of 30 days if you don't like  audible, you still  get to keep those two books. So, great way to get free baby stuff.

Free Formula

13. Similac Strong Moms

To get free formula is to join the formula clubs that are associated with the various brands that you are interested in using. If you join this program, they will start to send you coupons in the mail that are actually super high-value coupons. You don’t just get free coupons in the mail but also get sent free baby stuff and boxes.

14. Enfamil Family BeginningsProgram

Not only will they send you some great coupons in the mail that is worth $10-$20, they’ll also send you the spot in the box. Another great thing that  they include in their box is feeding guide but it also has a phone  number on the back  you  can call that whether you're  breastfeeding formula feeding or combo  feeding because they have feeding  specialist and lactation consultants  that are on the line that will help you  with anything that you're struggling  with.

15. Buy Nothing

You can go to Facebook and join a group called buy nothing. It is a nationwide group that's specific to different areas. You'll go to the search bar type in the words buy nothing and then the name of your city and your local group will pop up.
It is an awesome place where you can pass along things that you're no longer using that other people can use or where you can find free items to pick up yourself.
You can find huge items like cribs, rocking chairs, bassinet, baby proofing stuff things that people use for a short amount of time and then they don't have room for them anymore they're really likely to pass it along. So, great way to get free baby stuff from Facebook groups.

16. Baby Box University

It is a nationwide program that offers you a  safe space for your baby to sleep in.

18 Ways to get Free Baby Stuff in 2020 
Not only do they give you the box with the mattress in the bottom, they also give you a few other free baby stuff and items as well. If you don't have a baby box University program in your area, they offer shipping.

17. Generation Good

You can join the program with your email and then they have different activities that you can do to get free baby stuff in the mail.  So, take a little quiz for maybe like two or three minutes and as a reward for doing that they will send you sample and of a bunch of seventh-generation wipes. 

18. Pinch Me Box

You can get free baby stuff in the mail not necessarily just for babies but for moms as well is through a website called Pinch Me. If you go to the Pinch Me website, you can take some quizzes about products that you might be interested in, things that you'd buy normally and then within a few weeks they send you sample box.

I this article answered how to get free baby stuff and you will be able to get some free baby stuff for your baby through the above-mentioned list. If you have other ways that you have found to get free baby stuff be sure to leave that in the comments below so that other people can find them as well.