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January 31, 2020

Teen Parenting Challanges, Stories and Tips

How can teenage pregnancy affect your life?

  • No time for friends
  • Your responsibilities are a lot heavier.
Teen Parenting Challanges, Stories and Tips

Story of a Teen Parent

"I was 18 when I found out that I was pregnant, and I lost majority of my friends all because I couldn't go out when they want, nor do I want to. I became a single mom because babies scare men away. I had to put off college for about a year because my daughter deserved more of my time and attention than that.
People used to look down at me when I was 18 and had my baby bump showing up. But they didn't see that I was working 2 full time jobs, that I graduated with top honors from my high school with my freshman year of college completed. I'm 21 now, and they still frown at me all because I'm a single mom. But, I work hard full-time, I'm double majoring (business and nursing) with a minor in Italian, and have my certifications for phlebotomy. I do an internship at night as volunteer work to finish my phlebotomy as my school is online and I am about buy my own house as you are reading this."

What can be done to improve the life of teenage moms?


Start a support group in your area or community, give teen moms resources for cheap childcare, give them secondhand places to buy baby equipment and care. Provide them good part-time schooling opportunities, help them find all grants to go to school again. Give them counseling as it is needed the most. Help them find and interact with people who will support rather than ignore. 


They're going to have a crap ton of things ahead of them that even older parents have never ever faced. Teenager just adds a difficulty level because of your age.
Teen moms need the motivation and someone to help them every once in a while, even if it's to let them get a shower on their own. 

Tips for Teen Parenting 

Making Friends With Young Moms

Make friends with other young moms whenever you can. There are people you can meet in a childbirth class through your hospital, and parenting classes through your local adult school. If you are breastfeeding, there’s La Leche league international, they have various groups all over and experienced moms whom you can call for support and guidance. Find to gather and build a strong support system, it may be more challenging due to your young age.

There’s no reason to do it all on by yourself. Get the help that you need so that you and your baby have the best opportunities to be healthy and happy.

Go Back To School

If you are one of those teen parents who dropped out, you have to go back. Giving up on school means giving up on the chance to reach and live your dreams and to make sufficient money to pay for your bills and give your child a comfortable and happy life. Going to school while parenting is without a doubt hard, but many other teen parents have done it, and they always say it was worth it. Trust me, You CAN do it.

Keep yourself and your baby healthy

When you have to work for long hours and don’t have enough money, it can be easy to eat junk food, not get enough sleep, or not keep fit and fine. But eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly actually gives you more energy and enthusiasm and will help you in your journey. Your baby is growing and needs plenty of healthy and nutritious food to develop. If you can’t afford healthy food every time, ask about the Food Stamp and WIC programs at one of your local health department.

Quit Smoke, Drinks and Drugs

First, you won’t have the money for all these things, and even if you do, you should be spending it on things that your baby needs or saving it for a future emergency.  
Second, these things harm your health and if your baby is exposed to it, it will harm them as well. If you use drugs or drink around your baby, they might be taken away from you. If you have a habit that is hard to quit on your own. Get help, and never give up. You and your baby deserve to be healthy and happy!

Spend Time With Family and Friends

Realize that you will miss out on a lot of fun that other kids of your age are having. But look for different ways to have fun with your family and your child that you can afford. Spend time with supportive, positive friends that encourage you to succeed.  

Time Management

Keep a steady home for you and your child. Kids need a secure, safe environment and a regular routine. Right now, you have to focus on school, work, and taking care of your baby. You don’t have time to go to parties, and if you’re single, then try to stay that way. Once you have matured and gotten your life back on track you can look for a spouse or a partner, but right now all your focus should be on you and your baby.  

Control Your Emotions 

Understand that you are going to be overwhelmed, sad and angry from time to time. You may resent having to take care of your child, but that isn’t your baby’s fault. You made a choice in the past and this is the result. Accept your responsibility and find a healthy way to deal with your emotions such as talking to a friend, going for a walk, writing in a journal or taking a nap. If your baby continues crying, or you feel extremely angry that you want to hurt your baby, just your baby in its crib, keep calm, step outside, and then call for help. Take some deep breaths, and ask your neighbor to watch on your baby until your help arrives to your door.

Taking Parenting Class

Being a parent is hard and can be confusing. Learn what to do, how to do, when to do and how to help your child by taking some classes from experienced moms. Knowing more about being a parent is always a good choice and helpful.

As a teen parent, you and your baby will certainly face unique challenges you might have never thought of. But if you commit to making good choices, decisions and work hard, you have a good chance for a better life for you and your child. Look to others teen parents and their stories that have made it for inspiration and motivation and have faith in yourself.